Old Ford Mustang Parts Turned Into Luxury Watches (Video)

Many components of the old Ford Mustang vehicles instead of waste they end up in handmade unique and luxury watches. The idea is of Christian Mig and Jonathan Kampstrap, they travel around the world and search old and destroyed Mustang vehicles to create a series of watches, where one of them costs at least 1,495 dollars.

“Most people see only a bunch of metal. We see something completely different – the soul of the car and a story that can be told. We do not cut and destroy the Mustangs, but we live in the form of clocks those that can not be repaired, “said co-founder Mig.

Each completed design of the watch includes the vehicle identification number, year of manufacture and the classic design of the Mustang. The power switch, designed to look like a fuel gauge, indicates the remaining battery life. The hands, date, and dial numbers are made under the influence of the Mustang control panel.

Also, true enthusiasts of Mustang, REC Watches, are working on creating a new clock with parts that will be donated by customers, including the world champion drifter and professional entertainer Von Gitin Junior, which carries a watch with carbon fiber parts from the body of its Ford Mustang RTR with 700 horsepower.

REC Wathces closely monitors the history of each vehicle, talks to previous owners, collects stories and images from the car’s past lives and captures them in a specific video. This team, on a trip to Sweden, won gold with a rare model of Raven Black 1966, which was the basis for their limited edition P51-04 collection of 250 watches.

Otherwise, Mustang was named after a WWII fighter jet and was first introduced in 1964. The radical style and aggressive performance made an instant classic. The superstar’s status was cemented with the 1968 action film “Bullitt” with Steve McQueen, as well as a series of songs and films focusing on this car.

The modern Ford Mustang maintains the lively excitement with the high performance of the V8 engine of 450 hp and the 2.3-liter Eco Boost engine of 290 hp.

Video material from the production of a luxury watch with Ford Mustang components can be found on the following link:

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